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Defender 110 300Tdi (1998)

The 300tdi Defender 110 I owned for a fairly long time and I had hoped to keep it for even longer. Unfortunately the family demanded more space and comfort and the emission regulations where I live block older diesels from the the cities.

It has definitely been the most capable and best to maintain Land Rover in my possession so far and it never let me down.

Even though they lack some of the charm of the old Series 3 models, tdi Defenders are in a class of their own, I think.

Work done:

EGR removal yes
Clutch master cylinder exchange yes
Roof console yes
New springs and dampers (Bilstein) yes
Rev meter (VDO) yes
A-bar and modified front bumper yes
Fitting wheel spacers yes
Brake overhaul no
Installing an air compressor unit yes
Fitting a Warn XD 9000 no
Replacing rear side (window) panels no
Forward-facing rear seats no
Service (oil & filters) yes


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